To be a leader in supporting industry manufacturing in Vietnam

CATTHAI is dedicated to produce the highest quality products and providing the best solutions to all its customers through always being responsive to their needs whilst realizing the growth aspirations of the Company and its people.

We strive to do what is right for the company. We believe in honesty and being truthful about what we are doing, and doing what we say.
We are committed to provide highest quality products and best solutions to our customers. We listen and respond to our customers’ changing needs to meet their expectations. We constantly learn from our experiences and seek better solutions. We set high standards in everything we do in the Company as well as in the industry.
First time right culture
We are committed to first time right mindset. We are patient to learn and do our job with clear understanding of what needs to be done. We seek flawless execution. We believe that getting it right the first time would increase the Company’s professionalism and reputation.
Team work
We foster collaboration while maintaining individual accountability. We nurture a working environment where each team member can freely express opinions. We welcome individual contribution and promote the best ideas to emerge from anywhere within the Company.
Loyalty, Trust and Respect
We share personal responsibility to trust and respect each staff member of the Company. We are loyal to the Company and always work hard to be part of its success.
We are taking innovation as our priority. We accept change as a way of life in our Company. We always look for innovation to better our processes. We believe innovation will energize the Company. We allow each staff member to develop his or her creativities and together we can make a difference in pushing our Company to be a leader in the industry.
We are committed to develop our people so that they can grow with the Company. We promote coaching at all levels. We focus on developing strength of each employee. We create an environment that fosters learning, independent thinking and opportunities to contribute. We listen, listen and listen. We constantly provide constructive feedbacks initiated by the management and directed toward all employees. We want you to become better, better and best.
We encourage people to speak their minds and to put forward their ideas objectively, but not to prejudge others. We encourage each employee to take on responsibility of asking for opinions and sharing your knowledge. We are craving for individual contribution of their ideas, opinions and knowledge. We believe sharing these will enrich other members as well as the Company


  • More than 100 units of injection molding machines
  • 45 machines in 2 units of 100k cleanrooms
  • Design and product development
  • Injection molding, metal stamping, machining , mold making and maintenance, painting, printing, assembling and plating
  • Providing ‘one-stop’ solutions


Catthai is the trusted strategic of today’s global leading manufacturers

Catthai, a subsidiary of PATC, uses advance equipment from the following machine manufacturers: Fanuc, Sumitomo, Nissei, Kawata, Matsui, Harmo and Krauss Maffei, Motan, Wittmann Battenfeld.

Catthai also deploys robotic equipment to ensure operational efficiency and consistent production of high quality products.


  • Design and fabricate precision plastic injection molds
  • Provide plastic injection molds repair and maintenance to customers
  • Machines and equipment: 06 milling machines, 04 lathing machines, 02 wire-cutting machines and 02 EDMs


Bring its customers consistent high quality products and services, satisfy them with time, price and meet their demands

Cat Anh, a subsidiary of PATC, was established in 2006. With its strategic focus to be a leading player in tool making and mold maintenance service industry in Vietnam, Cat Anh has equipped with itself with modern technology and the required competencies to meet the varying needs of its customers.

Cat Anh has invested in high precision tool making machine and equipment of well-known brands, such as: Mori Seiki, Agie Charmilles, Sodick, Fanuc, Mitutoyo, Mitsumi, Sandvik, Seco

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